This section consists of transport licence application and related forms, instructions and schedules.

Form 1 - Registration Form (975 KB / 5 pages) Updated Nov 2007
This form is a registration report made under section 43 (1), (2) or (3) of the Hazardous Waste Regulation. Reasons for submittal are either to provide an Initial Registration Report or to provide Subsequent Notification of changes to a registration report for Registration No. / Provincial ID or Registered Site (RS) No.

Limited Time Addendum Application (424 KB / 2 pages) Updated Oct 2007
This Limited Time Addendum (LTA) is issued to allow the undersigned holder of a Licence to Transport Hazardous Waste, to rent or lease a vehicle and/or trailer to transport hazardous wastes in the province of British Columbia. This LTA is subject to all the conditions that apply to the Licence to Transport Hazardous Waste.

Transport Licence Application Forms

For complete application package material and instructions, view the application package section of Ministry website.

Application for a Licence to Transport Hazardous Waste (40 KB / 2 pages)
The Hazardous Waste Transport Licence authorizes a firm or individual to transport hazardous waste within the province of British Columbia under the conditions as specified on the licence.

Contingency Plan for the Spill of Lead Acid Batteries (107 KB / 2 pages)
This Contingency Plan is to be used in conjunction with a Hazardous Waste Transport Licence for waste Lead Acid Batteries only. The plan should be reviewed by each applicant, edited to meet the requirements of their business and submitted with the licence application.

Additional Information Form (23 KB / 1 page)

Acknowledgement That No Interest Paid On Cash Deposit (23 KB / 1 page)

Spill Check List Form (28 KB / 1 page) Complete this form as soon as the spill is discovered.